I almost cheated

Though Tuesday was my cooking day, I didn’t follow a couple of my Cardinal Rules for successful cooking days, so I only got 3 meals made. Today, I felt the overwhelming desire to go for a run with Little while the Bigs were in school, only to find out my chosen location for a really challenging and rewarding run had no parking left when I got there. So, I tried a “hike” with Little in the jogging stroller at an Open Space near Middle’s Preschool, and after dodging 101 cow patties, 4 cows, and 100* weather and no shade, I called it quits after 14.35 minutes (Thanks, RunKeeper, for reminding me that I didn’t even go 1 mile).

I was just feeling defeated. And hot.

Who knew we’d have a 100+* heat wave the first week of October??

Apparently, I didn’t when I made my menu of delicious fall foods (stuffed potatoes, butternut squash, and SOUP).

Worse yet, I didn’t have a backup plan.

So, I went out to my freezer in the garage, and pulled out something I knew the family would eat: Mexican Pork.

I mean, who is *making* me eat plant-based meals? No one is holding a gun to my head. I can cheat, right?

So, I started grating the cheese and defrosting the pork.

But I just couldn’t do it.

So, I whipped up a Vegan Mexican Rice, (mostly with things from the freezer!) and hope it will satisfy me!

Vegan Mexican Rice

2 cups Brown Rice

1 onion, diced

2 tsp minced garlic

1 tbsp oil

Taco Seasoning, to taste

1-1.5 cups Kidney Beans

1/2 Frozen corn

Salt, to taste


  • Sautee onion and garlic until soft. Add rice, beans, corn, and spices and gently cook until flavors meld.
  • Cross fingers and hope it’s good.



4 thoughts on “I almost cheated

  1. Dont look at it as “cheating”… look at it as making a different choice. Dont be so hard on yourself! 🙂 Extend yourself some grace.
    Have I told you how awesome I think you are?!

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