Ridiculously Easy Vegan Parfait

Since starting our Plant-based lifestyle (I refuse to call it a diet!), I’ve cringed at some of the options offered to our children. I went to Big’s school carnival, and went to get a bottle of water for us, and almost gagged at the sight of the greasy, slimy, nutrient-void slices of Costco Pizza being sold to the participants. It made me just plain sad, that those “options” are what our children are learning are acceptable, from an educational institution no less. My heart broke when I saw a young girl (no more than 10, as it was an Elementary School carnival), eating her pizza, and sweating bullets. Sweating, just sitting in one place, eating “dinner”.

At Middle’s co-op preschool, families rotate when we bring snack. While I love that we err on the side of “healthy” snacks at the school, the word “healthy” has taken on a different connotation in the past 6 weeks. Yes, my kid could live on string cheese, salami, and Ritz crackers, but that doesn’t mean I am giving her the best option. So, when my turn to be snack mom came up, I was determined to provide a tasty vegan dish that 3-year olds would gobble up and parents would marvel at their veganness!

Enter Ridiculously Easy Vegan Parfaits!


Ridiculously Easy Vegan Parfaits

1 cup Vanilla Flavored Soy Yogurt (I used Trader Joe’s Organic brand: $2.99/24oz)

1 cup Granola (I used Trader Joe’s Honey Almond Flax Cereal: $2.69/box)

Sliced fruit of your choice

All you do is layer the ingredients. When I made them for my family yesterday, I just put one layer of each, but they all went back for more of the crunchy goodness that is granola. At 9g of protein per cup, I was just fine with that! Next time, I will make multiple layers of each.

I was leery about the soy yogurt at first, but it was creamy and delicious, and I am a total yogurt snob! My family of 5 went through an entire 24oz container yesterday. I’m wishing I had gotten more!

And as for those 3-year olds? Many of them asked for seconds!



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