Plant-Based Menu #5

I realize I missed posting my menu last week, and quite honestly, I could see my lack of planning in my budget! I have $113 left (of $260) to make 13 dinners, plus we are out of most things breakfasty. But it’s cool… I love a good challenge.

Chive Biscuits and Vegan Gravy

Quinoa and Edemame Salad and “B”LTs (This is a residual meal from last week. I never got around to making it!)

White Bean Burgers with Basil (I already have some. One less expense!) and Chickpea Salad.

Mediterranean Pasta (Third time I’ve made this. It just keeps getting better!!)

Potato Flautas

Corn Cakes and Salad (I’ll have to veganize this recipe, but I’m confident I can do it!)

Brinner  with fruit compote syrup and Fruit Smoothies (I’ve made a number of different vegan pancake recipes, and they all seem very doughy. This one has been the best… so far.)

I’ll make a batch of banana bread for breakfasts and have the Parfait makings on hand.

I’ll try my best to update with my shopping trips and totals for this menu in the next few days!


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