How to Beat the Icky Sickies

I’ve got three kids.

One in Elementary School, one in a co-op preschool (meaning I get the full exposure too), and one who still likes to crawl and put everything in her mouth.

We get the Icky Sickies. Often.

In such close quarters, it can be a maddening process of trying to keep the house semi-disinfected and the Icky Sickie quarantined.

I’ve come up with a plan of attack on whatever Icky Sickie you may find yourself up against:

Step 1:

Get the necessary medications or homeopathic remedies to eradicate those nasty buggers (the germs, not the kids).

Step 2: 

Assemble your Icky Sickie Arsenal. I like to use a small basket that I can leave on the kitchen counter, take in the car if needed, or have general portability of all my “tools”

Step 3: 

Remove and wash all plush toys from your Icky Sickie bed. Once they are clean and dry, fold them and put them in the closet until the coast is clear (usually 24 hours on meds). Leave one favorite blanket, and one lovey in the bed. Once the contagious period has passed, you can put them back on the bed

Step 4:

Limit access to all toys and textiles (firm and soft) until the Icky Sickies have been blown out of the water. I also cover communal sitting places (the couch and the beanbag chair, specifically in our house) with a sheet. If the Icky Sickie is on the sitting place, the sheet is down. We have a number of old queen and king sized sheets for just such circumstances. Once the Icky Sickie has moved on, I wash the sheet, so as to not spread the germ. I also remove the towels in the bathroom and give the kids a towel as they need them. Those get tossed directly in the wash instead of wondering if they’ve been contaminated.

Step 5: 

Liberally use hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes (paying special attention to the things Icky Sickie touches), and good ol’ soap and warm water.

Did you know the water should be at least 100* (barely above body temperature!) to be effective and you should be rubbing for at least 20 seconds? If you, or your kids aren’t doing those two very important things, you might as well lick the Icky Sickie’s face. Sadly, I’m not kidding.

If you follow these steps, you too can win the war!

What is your best trick you’ve found for dealing with sick children?? Comment below!






One thought on “How to Beat the Icky Sickies

  1. I don’t have any children of my own, but I work in a childcare center and the icky sickies run rampant there! Since before Christmas to just about two weeks ago, I was sick almost nonstop. It was terrible!

    After much googling and internet searching, I’ve found a few things which’ve been helpful for myself. As soon as I get off work and am in my car(or maybe on my way to the car!), I will use hand sanitizer. If I was wearing short sleeves that day, I’ll sanitize up to my elbows. When I get home, I change my clothes. Yes, that is a lot of laundry to go through, but it beats a nose flowing like Niagara Falls or coughing up both your lungs and a spleen. I also leave my shoes at the door so I don’t tromp kiddie germs through my house. These things may or may not be helpful in making sure your kids don’t spread germs from school.

    Good luck and remember, it may seem like it’ll never end, but icky sickies won’t last forever!

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