Time Budgeting: Making a List

You came back! Glad to have you and hope you find something to help unfuzzy your brain!

Are you really surprised I told you to go make a list??

Are you really surprised I told you to go make a list??

Not surprisingly, all of my “systems” start with making a list. It’s like journalling in bullet points, which I find very cathartic. Sometimes, you just need it off your brain so you can move on to other things, or to see the big picture!

So, your homework for today is to write down EVERYTHING that is going on in your life. I’m talking ANYTHING that takes time from your life: normal meal times, personal hygiene times, projects you want to tackle, places you need to go, kid schedules, sewing projects, etc. Just get it all out there. If you have a spiral bound notebook or a 3-ring binder you can carry around with you today, that’s all the better. When something pops up, no matter how crazy the thought is, WRITE IT DOWN. Even if the list takes up a gajillion pages, keep going. Better on paper than taking up space in your brain!

(WARNING: Don’t be tempted to start a project you have on your list just yet. We’ll get there…)

Then come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you what to do with it 🙂


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