My Systems: The Landing Zone

Every house has one, and many houses fight against them.

It’s The Landing Zone.

It’s the place the mail gets dumped. It’s the place the keys get lost (usually under the mail that’s been dumped). It’s the place the purse gets left. It’s the place things are left when they need to be put back in their proper places.

It’s usually the flat surface nearest the place you enter the home the most often.

I’m right, aren’t I? (or at least close…)

You have to stop fighting The Landing Zone and start making it work for you! As much as I like a clear counter, the mess that is often left when we walk in the door is much MUCH worse. (and when we have guests over, I can either bask in my organized counter or I can discretely tuck the items in the pantry.)


I no longer fight my purse hanging on the chair. It’s logical, high enough that kids don’t get into it, and obvious where it is!


Why yes, that IS a banana hook that I use for my Action List and my keys!


My Action Items clipboard ($1.99 at Staples). I clip important things that need my attention on there and my daily to-do list.

Interested where all the mail goes?? Check back tomorrow (my birthday!) for a post about that system!


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