My Systems: Incoming Mail

I often hear people talking about how paper is taking over their houses! From coupons, kids art, and receipts, to recipes, junk mail and bills. The amount of paper that comes into a household is NO JOKE!

This post will focus on incoming mail and other important papers I need The Hubby to take a gander at.

Close your eyes.

NO WAIT! DON’T! Then you can’t read the rest of the post!

Ok, imagine yourself closing your eyes.

Imagine yourself checking your mail.

You have  2 bills, a Papa Murphy’s coupon you want to use tomorrow night, a magazine, and a big ol’ pile of junk mail.

What now?

Do you just toss it on the counter on top of your keys? Do you put the bills in the same place or a different place every time? Do you just make new piles for each day, or just one big pile that looks scarier and more daunting as the days pass? Do you actually READ the magazines coming in on a regular basis?

Well, I can answer those questions for myself:

yes, different, new piles, and NEVER.

I was tired of fighting against the onslaught of paper that, let’s face it, isn’t EVER going to stop.

It was frustrating that I didn’t have a logical place for things to go, especially the important stuff! So, I made inboxes. Yes, simple simple simple inboxes. I didn’t even make cutesy labels for them (I’m way too utilitarian for that!).

One box is labeled “To Do” and the other “Reviewed”. In the “To Do” box, I put anything I need The Hubby to lay eyes on. Bills, invitations, Honey-Do lists, etc. Once he has seen them, he puts them in the “Reviewed” box. That means I can file or recycle them as I see fit, knowing he has been made aware of their existence. I’ve placed these inboxes on a bookshelf in the dining room/kitchen where he typically dumps his bag after work. He checks it daily without needing to be reminded (bonus!), and empties it (it’s not a storage space!) on Friday mornings, the first day of his weekend. If it’s a “Honey-Do”, he has all weekend to get to it!


Simple, yet effective

The other box that I put into action is the Bathroom Box. (I’ll spare you the pictures. It’s just a cheap-o cardboard magazine holder from IKEA). In the Bathroom Box, I put the reading material. Magazines, newsletters, etc. If a new issue comes, the old one gets recycled. Let’s be real… if you haven’t found time to read it in a month, you probably aren’t going to EVER read it.

And what about that Papa Murphy’s Coupon you want to use tomorrow night? Well, it goes on your Action Item clipboard, of course!

Interested about calming the kid paper clutter? Check back on Monday!


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