My Systems: Kid Art

I’ve already given you ideas about a system for kid papers from school, but what happens when your kids like to draw or make crafts? Where do you stash that stuff without drowning in paper or just throwing it away?

My kids can spend HOURS at our fabulous art table (post to come!), cutting, gluing, stickering, and more gluing little creations. I don’t want to stifle their creativity, but I also can’t keep track of every cut out mask that Big makes, or every drawing of a princess Middle makes. Those pieces are valuable to them when they are making them, and I want to honor that. But for a mama who HATES paper clutter, I had to find a solution!



For the time being, I use this Sterilite cart under the table. When Big asks “Where should I put this confetti I made?”, the answer is always the same: “In your art drawer!”. When I find some random coloring page, it goes in the appropriate artists drawer. Every so often, I go through the drawer and pull out the pieces that I am particularly fond of and stick it in their folder, and then I have them go through and weed out the stuff they don’t really want to keep. It gives them ownership in their belongings, but it also teaches them the skill of purging (So far, Big is my “saver”, and you can tell by how much is in her box. I’m going to find a way to encourage her to do that, but in an organized fashion).

What do you do with your Little Picassos?


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